Building Our Kids’ Success (BOKS) is a program, funded by a grant from Reebok, that gives kids a body and brain boost that will set them up for an excellent day of learning.  This before-school program occurs each morning, and is run entirely by parent volunteers.  Each week, the program includes running, training in a particular physical skill (push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc.), active group games, and nutrition tips.  At the end of the year, the BOKs Olympics are held to celebration the improvement, motivation, and technique of the students.


MUSIC at CCCA is based on NAFME and state standards which are designed to cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the three Artistic Processes: Creating, Performing, and Responding. 

These skills are developed in comprehensive layers of experience that build each year on each previous year, and are enhanced by the ability to participate alone and together with others in various ways. 

Music may be applied to other experiences to enhance or support those experiences. At CCCA we follow these basic frameworks, while including a perspective from Scripture on the gift of music given to humans by God, and the purposes include: worship, memorizing key passages, mulling over key parts of scripture in application, and prayer and praise, alone and corporate.


Students are introduced to artists and their work. They also learn effective and interesting techniques using different mediums to create their own special works of art.


In STEM, students enjoy hands-on activities that are aligned to the science they are learning in the general classroom. STEM is embedded within the general science lessons. 


Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Students have a weekly Spanish lesson in which they learn songs, play games, and engage in interactive dialogue. 

Nature Studies

Our younger grades have nature studies two days a week. Students keep a nature journal of their nature walks, field studies, scavenger hunts and outdoor exploration.  

Students observe local nature in the park, as well as their own yards and neighborhoods. Students do projects on trees, animals, and water, which relates well to earth science, life science, and physical science. 


Outdoor play is an important part of our school day. Students have two recesses per day while on campus. Recess is important because it serves as a necessary break from the rigors of concentrated, academic challenges in the classroom. 

Field Trips

Today's students are visual learners and a field trip lets them touch, feel, and listen to what they’re learning about, which helps them build on classroom instruction, gain a better understanding of topics, build cultural understanding and tolerance, and expose them to worlds outside their own. Students at Cape Cod Christian Academy experience both local field trips (i.e. Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Wellfleet Audubon, Cape Cod National Seashore) as well as ones farther away (i.e. Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science).